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Here Goes Life!

Well, here we go. I'm finally making a blog! It seemed pretty pointless in high school, but now my life is taking a turn and there are big changes happening. And hey, who doesn't want to document the defining moments?
At this point in my life, college is this scary semi-known and the future is completely open. My best friend William McMillan reported to the MTC today. Health issues are at an all time high. But you know what? I'm happy! The Lord is on my side and wants me to be happy, so I'll be happy(: Being sad is dull anyway.
Well, I worked on my car for most of the day and I'm still covered in grease, so I'm gonna shower before my evening longboard sesh with my friend Micah Price.
Forgive me if you find this blog pointless, but it's my journal. I've always been an open book. Just be grateful you get a peek into my musings(;
Have a wonderful evening, all!
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