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College? Wut?

It finally happened. I became a college student. Where has my life gone?! I can still remember sitting in Kindergarten and learning how to read the face of a clock. And now, here I am. Rexburg, Idaho. BYUI is a STUNNING place and I feel so lucky to be here! But I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I just downed a bowl of spaghettios and I climb a ladder into my loft bed every night. I have to pay to do laundry and walk a mile just to get to my guitar class (which is the class I'm most nervous for, by the way). When everything hits me, I dunno what will happen to me! But for now, I'm having the time of my life(:
I arrived later than everyone else because I drove up from my home in Utah the morning of move-in day. After half an hour of circling the campus parking lots, I found a spot and just left my car full of stuff. I was SO done being in that heat. I "hiked" (it will be a hike in a month when there's snow) to my apartment building, obtained my key…