College? Wut?

It finally happened. I became a college student. Where has my life gone?! I can still remember sitting in Kindergarten and learning how to read the face of a clock. And now, here I am. Rexburg, Idaho. BYUI is a STUNNING place and I feel so lucky to be here! But I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I just downed a bowl of spaghettios and I climb a ladder into my loft bed every night. I have to pay to do laundry and walk a mile just to get to my guitar class (which is the class I'm most nervous for, by the way). When everything hits me, I dunno what will happen to me! But for now, I'm having the time of my life(:
I arrived later than everyone else because I drove up from my home in Utah the morning of move-in day. After half an hour of circling the campus parking lots, I found a spot and just left my car full of stuff. I was SO done being in that heat. I "hiked" (it will be a hike in a month when there's snow) to my apartment building, obtained my keys, walked into my apartment, and collapsed on the purple carpet. And I took a nap. How's that for starting college?(;
The rest of move-in weekend consisted of devotionals, tours, and meetings. It was honestly a waste of time. I COULD HAVE GONE SHOPPING FOR LETTUCE. Which I still need to do. *sigh* But then there was I-Night: a campus-wide party. My roommates pushed me into a group full of guys to climb into this gladiator blow-up wrecking ball death match. I won. No big deal. My roommates were still in trouble though. For the last bit of the party we went to a dance where my roommate, Kalani, participated in her first ever mosh pit! woooo! Her hometown has a population of 600, so don't be too shocked that it was her first time. Also, I gave myself whiplash. So there's that.
We don't have church until 1:30. 1:30. Yep, 1:30. In the afternoon. 1:30 pm. And it rocks. I slept until 12:30. I liked it. And will continue to like it. I'm in the 29th ward and there are probably 60 people in there. The guys sitting behind us were really friendly! Mid-meeting, I got a text from one of the guys in our I-Team. His name is Brady. He wanted to go on a walk. *gulp* Of course my roommates laughed at me and started giving me a hard time because I am the MOST anti-boyfriend in my apartment. But I went anyway! We walked all over campus and through the gardens and just talked(: It was nice to get to know someone new. Oh also, I baked a cake on Saturday and he came over after the dance and had some. And now he's going to cook me dinner. #win
Later Sunday night, one of the guys from the group sitting behind us in church showed up at our apartment. Melanie and I were in our tanktops and yoga pants just chillin so we were like, "Oh hey.... why are you here." But we ended up having a really great time! He came to return Kalani's water bottle that she had apparently left in Sunday School. His name is Trent and he's a really cool guy(: He reminds me a lot of my friend James, who I absolutely ADORE. He invited all of us to go to Spud Days. Yep. SPUD DAYS. And he's from Idaho. So, day 3, I went on a walk with a boy, and was invited by an Idaho boy to go to a potato carnival. Basically, I love this place. And I can't wait to go to that carnival(: We spent the rest of the evening at Trent's apartment with all of his roommates watching Emperor's New Groove. I forgot how much I loved that movie(: And apparently one of his roommates Dan likes me......... again. Day 3.
I started classes today though! Mission Prep this morning was basically all guys. Ugh. Save me. Guitar is at the very bottom of campus and I live at the very top of campus, so that walk sucked. But I met a nice guy named Jake and we jammed together(: Now I'm waiting to go to American Foundation which, apparently, is a political class. SAVE ME. I might have to look into taking that one online.
Well, I think I'll go do laundry or something. Or dishes. Or both. I need to be productive SOMETIME today. Or not.


  1. Hooray! Keep posting baby! This made me smile so much!

  2. And the adventure begins! I'm so glad college life is off to a great start. I've been thinking about you (and your mama) a lot. Love you, Aunt Michelle

  3. The photo is so playful--it invites the reader right in. Mischievous, something is going on --like the Mona Lisa. And such great adventure already.


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