Help I've Been Body-Snatched

     What is happening to me?! My hips are wider, my back is breaking, my skin is temperamental, my gums are bleeding, my legs are cramping, and my bra cup size has doubled! DOUBLED! And this is all so sudden!
     I was expecting that pregnancy would include some weeks of sickness, then some weight gain, and gradually the other unpleasantness would build. But so far, from what I've heard of pregnancy, this is kinda weird. All of the sudden, 5 months in, I'm finally looking and feeling pregnant. I was sick for several weeks, yes. VERY sick in fact. I was taking Zofran, which is prescribed for chemotherapy patients to help them keep food down. Once the morning sickness calmed down, I stopped taking the medication and immediately lost my appetite. Yes, that's bizarre. I should have been craving everything under the sun, and I struggled to eat just a cracker. I had to physically open and close my mouth with my hands! I had lost weight. Which is even more bizarre. After some research, I found that Zofran, along with my changing hormones, reset my thyroid (once a hypothyroid) to normal and suddenly my body just didn't need as much food. And apparently the baby was still getting everything she needed! So I kept forcing crackers until my appetite returned. Well, more like a constant taco craving.
     There are definitely things happening to me that I had no idea was even possible. I have rainbow-colored stretch marks all over my body. My feet and ankles swell at night. I feel like I'm bruised on the inside from all the karate my little princess is practicing. And did you know that the rib cage expands and all of the organs move around to make room for the baby?!! This is insane you guys. There's a pound and a half of human in my stomach right now. And she has hair and fingernails and can hear my voice.
That kind of freaks me out.


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