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To Starve, Or Not To Starve.

To starve, or not to starve-- that is the question: Whether 'tis more beneficial to suffer The pains and agony of outrageous hunger Or to take my wallet to the land of food And by spending go broke. To starve, to nap-- No more-- and by a nap to say we end The hunger, and the thousand thoughts of cheesecake That girls are drawn to. 'Tis consumption Devoutly to be wished. To starve, to nap-- To nap-- perchance to dream: ay, there's the point, For in that nap of hunger what dreams may come Of delicious morsels, evasive.


Grocery shopping at BYUI is an obnoxious business when you don't have a car. Campus is at the top of the hill, and everything else you could ever need or want is at the bottom of the hill. My glutes are unhappy just walking to class! And then when you DO finally get to the store and purchase all of your food with your precious money, you have to carry it all back.
David and I went to the store and took a backpack each, not anticipating we would ne…