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Clothing Demons

I'm going to tell you two significant truths that nobody told me: a child increases the dirty laundry in your life by 300%, and working in clothing retail will decrease your desire to do your laundry by 1000%.
So at this time in my life, the likelihood of me doing any laundry is at -700%. That number doesn't take into account the emotional energy it requires to start the task, or my precious time. OR my looming depression.
Cook dinner? Gladly!
Clean the bathroom? I'm your girl.
Dishes? Way ahead of you.
But between a toddler that loves to "cook" and my aversion to laundry... the pile of loved clothing has adopted a personality. A personality that I don't get along with. It taunts me by tripping me in my most rushed moments. It swallows my favorite clothing pieces. It laughs when I try to find one out of ten pair of black leggings, and then cackles when I take a sniff and the leggings are exponentially more potent than they possibly could have been when I wore…